About Us

Welcome to our page! This is all about the story of our Academy and some surpassing achievements for being dedicated and passionate in our mission to help individuals, especially children, who are in need to lose some of their weight. We are recognized as a leader of organizations providing this kind of service to the people. We are the only one who can effectively provide better and effective weight loss program.

Wellspring Academy

Wellspring Academy is an organization which encourages you to get a better and healthier lifestyle. We are here for children, teenager, and adults who are suffering from their weight and we want to help them out. With our two-level program, we guarantee that your child or yourself will achieve what they want when it comes to the body weight ideal for your age and height. For children, we offer a 1-year program in our academy which includes boarding, motivation, weight loss, full regular work out, monitoring their behavior, and weight. Parents also can track the improvements of their children through our own tool, and so many more. The second program we offer to our dear children is the summer camp. In 2 weeks of camping with us, we will give them every day motivational words, we will teach them to cook alternative healthy recipes, and we will help them work out with or without using the gym equipment. For adults, we only offer the separate academy which includes boarding, words of encouragement every morning, rapid weight loss, recipes, and more.

When you enroll and board at Wellspring Academies, there are no excuses now in skipping your regular work out and no tempting food around the campus that will break your balanced diet. We promise that the school focuses only on your goal to lose your weight.
Come and enroll now in our Wellspring Academies to have a healthy living lifestyle. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page. Thank you!