Here are some of the most asked questions on our website. We hope it will help you find the answers to your questions. If there are still more you want to know, please feel free to reach out for us via email, phone call or visit our Wellspring Academy yourself.

What does Wellspring Academies do?
Wellspring Academy is an organization where we established a residential area for our trainee to stay on board in our academy for a year to monitor their health, weight, the food they take in, and their behavior. Our team has the best doctors, gym trainers, and nutritionist that are dedicated and passionate in helping our students to have more responsible habits and to lose their weight in a safe and effective way.

I want to enroll my child but it seems that he doesn’t want to and not interested in losing his weight. What should I do?
We are happy that you, yourself the parent of your child, do want to enroll him to us. As a parent, you are the one who is responsible for the health of your child. A little talking and explaining to him the importance of healthy eating and a physically fit body is enough for them to have the courage to do it. Just give it another try and show them that you are doing it because you love them.

Can I visit the academy once my child starts his training?
We have the specific time and day for you to visit your child. However, you can monitor their health using our own tool at Wellspring Academy.

How can I know if my child is safe in your hands?
We want your trust. Wellspring is not just a training ground for your child to lose their weight but we are their family. Expect that we will be a mother to your child while you are not with them. We have a medical team, a team of nutritionists, gym security, and a security team everywhere in the academy so you do not have to worry about anything.