Playful action for women’s attention to heart failure

Lieke van Lexmond gives the starting shot for an action against cardiovascular diseases with a large blue heart. This plush heart goes on the road to make as many kilometres as possible and to raise money for research that focuses on the fatal diseases in women.

Cause of death number 1


With this playful action under the name The Passion insurance company binds the battle with cause of death number 1 in women: cardiovascular diseases. The current treatment and medication is based on research mainly in men, while cardiovascular diseases develop differently in women than in men.

Donation per kilometre and selfie are called upon to look for the heart and to take it with them. In the plush heart is a GPS tracker, who keeps track of where the heart is and how many kilometres it travels. The tour can be followed on and we donate 10 euros per kilometre to research against cardiovascular diseases and a bonus of 10 euros for every selfie or video that people with the heart place on social media.

Women develop different types of heart failure


The proceeds of De Hartstocht will go to the Heart and Vascular Centre of the University Medical Centre Utrecht. Researcher Dr. Hester den Ruijter: ‘Every day 57 women die of cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.


That’s about 20,000 women a year


According to Den Ruijter, women with heart failure are often diagnosed incorrectly, if at all. This is due to a lack of knowledge about heart failure in women. In the past, research into heart failure has mainly taken place in men. The results have been translated into women on a one-to-one basis. However, as it becomes increasingly clear, women develop a different type of heart failure than men. Women are more likely to develop problems with the small vessels in the heart, while the larger blood vessels in men are more likely to clog up. It is therefore highly necessary to do more research into heart failure in women.
Here you can read more information and the conditions for the ‘The Passion’ campaign.