The individuals below are our students in Wellspring Academies. Some of them are the mothers of our younger students and they are exceptional examples from our weight loss program. Here are the reviews and testimonials about us. We hope that it will help you find an idea on how we manage and how effective our program is.

Wellspring Academy Testimonails

Having an overweight child is somewhat worrisome for me. You may not know if they are having difficulties in breathing or pain in their body and sometimes even in school. My 12-year-old kid is now in a good shape and knows now what kind of food to eat. He is still young but he is responsible now when it comes to the kind of food he is taking in his body after I sent him in the Wellspring Academy. I want to thank all the people behind this wonderful organization who have been smart enough to establish Wellspring Academy.

Hi Wellspring Academy! Thank you for being patient in teaching, monitoring, and reminding all of your students in the adult program. I and the rest of my batch mates are pleased to enroll in your weight loss school. It is such an honor to be a student of your excellent trainers and staff. I am happy with the result of staying in your academy because I learn to be responsible when it comes to the food I am taking in. I hope many people who are struggling with their weight can find your school as well. I highly recommend Wellspring Academy to my friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. Once again, thank you so much! Keep up the good work.

Wellspring is the best. I now learned to appreciate my body and my health after staying, training, and learning on their academy. Thank you so much Wellspring Academy!